Timothy School
The purpose of the faculty
Preparing and equipping teens to teach God's Word to others, teens who have a personal relationship with God and are an example to their peers.
For teenagers, as a rule, it is very important to be accepted by their community. They need to be part of a group, to express themselves, to find their place in life. Adolescence is extremely important and decisive, because their present and future will be shaped by their choices and decisions during this period.

Studying at Thimothy School will shape a biblical view of the world, of themselves, of others, and of God. Studying the biblical characters who changed the world will serve as an example in shaping their personality.

Timothy School aims to help the adolescent be a model for others and be able to share God's Word to his peers.
Conditions of studying
3 years
2 weeks of intensive study for each session
2-3 sessions per year
7 courses
After each session, the student will teach the course in a group.
Between sessions, the student will practice Bible study skills, completing an individual assignment.
The student motivates disciples to enrol in the Institute
Registration at the Institute
Member of the church
Pastor's recommendation
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