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Precept Ministres Eurasia is a part of Christian Organisation Precept Ministies International. Now Eurasia Precept activity is concentrated in countries of Europe and Asia.

Vision and Goals

The Institute vision is the growth of leaders who understand the importance of discipleship and the practical involvement in the life of the local church.
By understanding the role of the Word of God and its influence on their lives, the students will bring new people to the study. By doing so, the students realize that the purpose of the institute is to teach God's people His Word

Studying system

The student at the 1st session takes the introduction course in 10-12 days. He studies the first Precept Ministries manual and the basis of the inductive method of studying the Bible. After taking the courses, the student returns to the people who led or sponsored him (for example, his church). There he starts a group (one or more with at least 5 people) and teaches the manual he has studied during the 1 st session and experiences what he has learned.

When the student finishes teaching his course (in 3-3.5 months), he comes to the institute for the second session. He brings the filled out manuals of his disciples and the new people willing to study at the institute (usually the best student of his group). The school year is composed of three sessions of two weeks intensive training. The person can become a student at the Institute during first three sessions. After the third session no more new students can join this group. They may start with another new group.


Course 1 is called Evangelism and Discipleship. The principles of Evangelism we take as we study the Gospel of John from GOD, ARE YOU THERE? course. The students will study the overview of book of 2 Timothy, will study the method and the importance of the overview and the principles of discipleship.In the course Evangelism and discipleship, the students will study parts of the book How to study the Bible practically for yourself.

Course 2 is the Names of God and Church Planting. As we study the book of Acts, we discover the principles of church planting. As we study The Lord, I want to know you course, we will know the character of God and will make Him known. The knowledge of God will help you to build a strong foundation for the church.

Course 3 is Marriage without Regrets and Family Counseling. Learn the principles of how to advise others in matters of marriage according to Scripture. We teach people how to build strong families according to the truth we discover in each lesson. We want to show that the real relationship with God will reflect in a good relationship in the family. Today there are many problems and questions on family issues. This course deals with many subjects related to the family, as follows: the role of the man and woman, the model man and woman, the communication and its importance, etc.

Course 4 is the study of the Epistle of James and Homiletics. James is a very practical book and the study reveals what a true faith looks like. We will also learn how to prepare a biblical message, how to systematize the main truths, so it will be clear and specific to the audience. It is important to talk logically, topics need to be related to each other.

Course 5 is the History of Israel. Why do we need to know the history of Israel? We see God's position towards Israel. We see human value in History, God's plan for humanity, not just for Israel, and God's sovereignty in history. As Christians we must understand the value of Israel, of the history as it was conceived by God, also where is the church place in this history.

Course 6 is Church Growth based on the Epistle to the Philippians, which is used as an example. Paul wants to show us that the church growth depends on correct knowledge and revealing the knowledge about the Lord Jesus Christ. Each member participate using their gift int he body of Christ.

Course 7 is Time management. Why is this subject important? In 2 Thessalonians we learn how to live in the perspective of Jesus coming, which will give us the value of time and understand how to use our life with a purpose for the Kingdom.

Course 8 is the Covenant and the Biblical Doctrine. Why do we need Biblical Doctrine? All Institute courses help us to form a biblical view.

Course 9 is entitled Baptism with the Holy Spirit. Study the Gospel of John, Part 3, Chapters 11 through 21. With this Bible study we learn how to study difficult Bible subjects, as we learn to make a correct interpretation, to put things in the context.



In our Institute of Inductive Bible Study you can choose several opportunities for study:

Basic Level for Bible Study Teacher (Level I):

  1. Evangelism and Discipleship
  2. Church planting
  3. Counseling - I
  4. Homiletics
  5. History of Israel - I
  6. Church growth
  7. Plan Management
  8. Biblical Doctrines - I
  9. How to study a difficult subject of the Bible?


Advansed Level for Bible Study Teacher (Level II):

  Course Book
1 Missiology "Sermon on the Mount"
2 Church Equipment "Spiritual Gifts"
3 How to interpret a difficult passage from the Bible     "Gospel of John - part I"
4 Prophets of the Bible "Revelation - I, II, III, IV"
5 Pastoral "II Corinthians"
6 Spiritual Counseling - II "The truth about sex"
7 Christian Ethics "Deuteronomy"
8 Christian Ethics - II "1 Corinthians"
9 Leadership "1 Samuel" and "2 Samuel"
10  Bible Doctrines "Romans - I, II, III"


Institute for Sunday school teachers who work with children and teenagers:

  1. Jonah; How to study Bible James;
  2. Lord, teach me to pray
  3. Names of God (for children and adults)
  4. Abraham (for children and adults)
  5. Joshua (for children and adults)
  6. Truth about sex
  7. School ministry
  8. Daily camps ministry


International Technology Department:

  1. Scripta, Internet, E-mail
  2.  Word
  3. Excel
  4. PowerPoint
  5. HTML-CSS/Wordpress
  6. GIMP
  7. Evolution
  8. Joomla
  9. Publications Design / Inkscape


New Institute open conditions

Please follow the link with our administration to get know about conditions for new Institute opening.


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