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Faculty - TIMOTHY School

Timothy School is a program of the Eurasian Inductive Bible Study Institute

"Let no man despise thy youth, but be thou an example of the believers ..." (1 Timothy 4:12)

To know Christ, to make Him known, to be equipped in the Word of God called to be His disciple.

We want the students to find answers for life leading to transformation and their character building through in-depth study of the Bible using inductive materials and inductive method.

We want students to learn discipline, responsibility, relate to others, be equipped for ministry and an example for the believers.

Timothy School was established in 2016 and is part of the Inductive Bible Study Institute from Eurasia.

The school program is designed for 2 years and inludes 6 modular sessions. Each session lasts 2 weeks. In the first year the aim is character building and the students study the lives of Bible characters. In the second year the emphasis is on equipping for ministry and being an example for the believers.

First year
Session I

  • Joseph
  • How to Study the Bible in 28 days

Session II

  • Joshua
  • Lord, help me to grow spiritually stronger in 28 days

Session III

  • Abraham
  • Turning your heart toward God

Second year
Session IV

  • 1 Peter
  • Heaven, hell and life after the death. 

Session V

  • 2 Timothy
  • Being a disciple, counting the real cost

Session VI

  • One day a marriage without regrets
  • How to be a mentor according to God's will


TIMOTHY School can enroll adolescents and young people between the ages of 14-18. A recommendation of two church members is required for admission. You can download it here.

For additional information, please contact us by cell +(373)69966779 or email: contact@eurasiaprecept.org

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About registration

To register on the site, you must become a student of our institute.To do this, choose the nearest institute where you would like to study and register to attend the next session. To better understand the registration process, please watch the video: "Registering a new visitor." Additional information on registration and studying in the institute and you'll get from the teachers who will teach sessions.To learn more detailed information about our organization and the institute see section "About us".

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