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Faculty - IT Faculty

Information Technology Department:

The IT Department of our institute helps christian learn how to teach computers classes and the Bible and do the ministry using these tools. The courses are compiled by our IT team and are based on using the Bible text and the inductive method.

Here is what we teach during 9 training sessions:

  1. Scripta typing, Microsoft Word
  2. Social Networking
  3. Excel
  4. PowerPoint
  5. Google Apps
  7. Photography&Adobe Lightroom
  8. Photoshop
  9. Filmmaking&YouTube


About registration

To register on the site, you must become a student of our institute.To do this, choose the nearest institute where you would like to study and register to attend the next session. To better understand the registration process, please watch the video: "Registering a new visitor." Additional information on registration and studying in the institute and you'll get from the teachers who will teach sessions.To learn more detailed information about our organization and the institute see section "About us".

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