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Course 1 is called Evanaghelization and Discipleship. With every lesson we will learn principles of evanghlizations how to tell people about Jesus, so that they could also believe in Jesus. We will study the book of 2 Timothy how to do an overview and principles of discipleship from the example of Paul and Timothy. We will study the book of 2 Timothy how to do an overview and principles of discipleship from the example of Paul and Timothy. Discipleship and evangelism go hand in hand. People are born again, but they must increase. We will teach the basics of the Bible how to disciple those who turn to God and to grow disciples such as Paul did. Bible study method, after the book How to study Bible. The method shows how to discover the truth.

Course 2 is the Names of God and Church Planting. In addition we will study the book of Acts, the study on the early Church, who arrived to Romania and everywhere. In this study we understand how they arose and grew churches in Acts and how they spread to the ends of the earth. In this regard we study this church planting principles from the book of Acts.

Course 3 is Marriage without Regrets and Family Counseling. Learn the principles of how to advise others in matters of marriage according to scripture. We teach people how to found strong families. We want to show that the correct relationship with God will make a proper relationship in the family. In this course we want to show the value of God's Word in a family life. Today there are many problems and questions on family issues. In Christian families are more problems comparing to the non-Christian's. The conception of family is more worldly than biblical. This course deals with many aspects of marriage, from the One Who initiated the family, about the model man and woman, the communication and its importance, its seriousness and duration of marriage and other. When we understand what effect this will have on our own family of course, we will teach others.

Course 4 is the study of the Epistle of James and Homiletics. James is a very practical book and the study reveals what a true faith looks like. We will also learn how to prepare a biblical message, how to systematize the main truths, so be clear and specific to the audience. It is important to talk logically, topics needs to be linked to each other and specific. We want to learn how to stick to the topic, and show the importance of inductive Bible study. Epistle of James Chapter 1 talks about trials and we want to see what it says about this subject and a true faith. Epistle speaks of wisdom, favoritism or partiality, what means to have a faith proved by facts, about tongue, communication, how to bridle the tongue, in Chapter 4 about the friendship with the world and Chapter 5 about rich and poor.

All these chapters together explains the main-truth what a true faith is.Our courses are called Precept upon Precept, and we construct the understanding of the scriptures by building a principle over another biblical principle.

Course 5 is the History of Israel. Why do we need to know the history of Israel? We see God's position towards Israel. We see human value in History, God's plan for humanity, not just for Israel, and God's sovereignty in history. As Christians we must understand the value of Israel, of the history as it was conceived by God, also where is our place in this history and how to be part of God's people history.

Course 6 is Church Growth based on the Epistle to the Philippians, which is used as an example. Paul wants to show us that the church growth depends on correct knowledge and revealing of the Lord Jesus Christ. We will learn how to have a proper relationship with Jesus and with people in church and outside it, thus we see a church growth model. The next most commonly used word is „joy". How can the joy is posible in any situation? In each course we have a practical part. In this course we make two surveys to find out what people say about the church, which is their service, what they understand about church life and what is their understanding about their church. We'll see how important is personal participation. Church growth depends on how involved each member is and is suffering through lack of understanding of this truth.

Course 7 is Time planning. Why is this subject important? In 2 Thessalonians we learn how to live while awaiting the coming of Jesus. Some in Thessalonica said that Lord's day has come, and were living niggle and disorderly. This course teaches planning our time and that we are responsible for how we use our time. Are you take your time and other time seriously? Do not let the time to control ourselves, but we control it, to know what we want and to make Jesus the purpuse of our lives. People who do not understand the value of time and the coming of Jesus Christ are likely to be pulled back and forth. We all have 24 hours and we are all responsible for what we do with time. Each day to live for the Lord. In this session we have to do works, assessment, which helps us to review our priorities and to plan our time better.

Course 8 is the Covenant or the Epistle to the Romans and the Biblical Doctrine. Why do we need Biblical Doctrine? All Institute courses helps us to form a biblical thinking, with clear and understood Bible doctrine. The doctrine of salvation is developed very well in courses the Covenant and the Epistle to the Romans. With each lesson we learn the main truth and what biblical doctrine is presented. Studying the biblical doctrines we will understand the Bible itself and make a correct opinion about what is written in the Bible.

Course 9 is entitled Baptism with the Holy Spirit. Study the Gospel of John, Part 2, Chapters 11 to 21 and other biblical texts, citing phrases baptism with the Holy Spirit, filled with the Holy Spirit, fullness of the Holy Spirit, etc.. Learn to make a correct interpretation, to put things in a studied context. Students who have got so far are mature in the inductive Bible study, how to study a Bible topic fully, how to make the connection between texts that use the same word or phrase and how to put them together to have a correct understanding on the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 


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