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English is an international language of communication and there is an increased interest in learning it all around the world among people of different ages. Teaching English offers unique opportunities for spreading the good news of the salvation and for making disciples of Jesus Christ. For this purpose, "Precept Ministries Eurasia" launched "English for a New Life". project in 2000. A team of English teachers who had been studying the Bible inductively, combined their efforts and composed the teaching manual "English for a New Life - Book 1". Using chapters from Gospel of John as main texts, this manual teaches the student English phonetics, grammar and vocabulary at beginner and intermediate levels. Thus, those who study English using this manual and method have the chance to learn both English and Gospel of John.

This project has been known and taught extensively in Moldova since 2000, and many have come to know the Lord Jesus Christ during English classes. Later, the project was launched in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Nepal and other countries where other English teachers were trained to use it. The manual has been translated into Russian, Nepali and Urdu languages so far.

Faculty of English Language- Eurasian Inductive Bible Study Institute
Our desire is to develop the work of evangelism and discipleship through teaching of English in all the countries where "Precept Ministries Eurasia", is currently working. That is why, a training of a new group of ESL teachers is announced (English as a Second Language) at the Institute. The purpose is to equip teachers for mission and church planting. Churches will be able to launch ongoing projects of evangelism through teaching of English classes.

Structure and content The training at the Faculty of English will be done at three different levels. Each level is designed for one-year studies, with three trainings per year; each training will be taught every four months. A graduation will be held after each level. The training will be done in English.

LEVEL I  (EFNL - Book 1)
The teachers at this level will be trained to teach using "English for a New Life- Book 1" and four inductive Bible studies in English.( EFNL-1, Lessons 1-10), and 40-min Bible courses "Having a real relationship with God" and "Loving God and others" , ( EFNL-1, Lessons 11-17) and the Bible study "God, are You there?", (EFNL-1, Lessons 18-25) and the Bible study "Becoming a friend of the faithful God".

LEVEL II  (EFNL - Book 2)
 "English for a New Life-2", will be studied at this level. This manual is designed for advanced students and uses the book of Acts . The Bible study courses taught at this level are as follow: "Covenant", "The truth about sex" and "Philippians". Only students who graduated the first level of the faculty will be admitted for the second level.

LEVEL III  (EFNL for kids)
At this level the teachers will be trained to teach English using the manual "English for a New Life for Kids" during three sessions. The Bible study courses taught at this level will be: "Joseph -God's super hero", "Lord, teach me to pray for kids" and "How to study your Bible for kids".

How the EFNL project will be developed in each country? During the sessions at each level, the students will work in teams per country over the translation of EFNL manuals in their own languages. As the process grows, teachers' trainings will be organized locally, in each country or region.

Who can become a student at Faculty of English? New-born Christians, who received baptism in water, and are actively involved in the local church; older then 18 years, who know English and desire to use this opportunity for enlarging the Kingdom of God. For admission, a personal testimony of faith and a recommendation letter from the local pastor have to be sent to this address [email protected] All the candidates will pass a test for English knowledge. For further details and information, contact us at the given e-mail address or phone number: +(373)69966779.

About registration

To register on the site, you must become a student of our institute.To do this, choose the nearest institute where you would like to study and register to attend the next session. To better understand the registration process, please watch the video: "Registering a new visitor." Additional information on registration and studying in the institute and you'll get from the teachers who will teach sessions.To learn more detailed information about our organization and the institute see section "About us".

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