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Example of Bible Study in Estonia

Автор: Rudoi Eduard
2010-12-15 20:34:48 UTC

imageWe had week ago an inductive work meeting with our inductive brother Urmas from Tartu. He told me a story from his Covenant group. There is a man in his group who had serious problem with his eyes (almost blind). This man could not see normally even with glasses, but he is a faithful student. Every time he has done his homework. His eyes are so broken that glasses couldn't help him. He tried to use hand-lens, but even that way wasn't possible to make inductive homework. He was so eager to learn Bible inductively and using his smart idea: he scanned IBS lesson page after page to his computer and zoom the text enlarge. So he was able to see, to read and to write his homework.

This man has been an example for several people in Church who have lot of excuses why they have not opportunities for Bible study.
With love in Christ


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