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imageEFNL-Book 1 is the fruit of a hard-working professional team that is passionate about sharing the Gospel through English language. Under the encouragement and guidance of Vasile Filat, founder of the Association "English for a New Life", the writing of this manual began in 2000. EFNL-Book 1 is the materialization of a vision, but in the same time, the fulfillment of a need in the linguistic domain of the evangelical world, when such manuals didn't exist, practically.

This manual has multiple purposes for anyone interested in studying English language. First of all, every beginner student- then intermediate- will study and accumulate solid knowledge in all the essential aspects of the English language, such as pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, communication and translation.  

Secondly, the manual presents almost completely the account of life, character and work of Jesus Christ, taken form the Gospel of John in the Bible. The authors of the manual consider that this gospel exhibits Jesus Christ integrally and clearly as personal Savior who offers eternal life to anyone who believes. Getting to know Jesus personally is essential for the transformation of anyone. From the English vocabulary point of view, this gospel contains about 250 useful words necessary for a basic communication.

Another aspect of this manual that was highly appreciated is the structure. The manual is designed with 25 lessons that are divided distinctly into two compartments. 

The first 10 lessons that have a similar structure are purposed for beginners. Each lesson begins with the introduction of the objectives that help the student work in an organized way. The letters and the corresponding sounds are presented clearly, graphically and structurally, and are followed by sufficient exercises for the practice of a correct pronunciation.  It is important to specify that the authors of the manual have focused one third of the content on the British phonetics, in order to establish a correct pronunciation. 

In the same first section of the manual all the necessary grammar topics are taught to help the student compose asimple and coherent text. The analogy with the mother language was followed in teaching one of the simplest grammar topics (personal pronouns), followed by tenses, all types of questions etc. There are enough exercises incorporated to train the use of these grammar topics. 

Although this segment of the manual is designed for beginners, each student is engaged into communication from the very start. It is well known that communicating in a new language is one of the most difficult steps one should take. At this point, the new vocabulary is combined gradually and skillfully in dialogues, short in the beginning then more complex, engaging the learners in communication. 

Beginning with Lesson 11, the manual introduces a different structure, each lesson being divided into 3 distinct parts.

Part A includes a passage or entire chapter from Gospel of John in a chronological order. The focus of this part of the lesson is on the passage from the Gospel that is explored using inductive Bible study method incorporated into exercises. Also, at this stage all the sounds and letter combinations studied in the first 10 lessons are reviewed, integrating the sound into a word, then into a word combination, then into a sentence. 

Part B is designed for a profound study of grammar topics, including all the verb tenses, sequence of tenses in present and past, word order in a sentence etc. The exercises combine review of the previous topics, as well as practice the new themes.

Part C of the lesson focuses on developing the communication. A social topic is introduced in another text that is somehow related to the biblical text from Part A. Rich and diverse vocabulary is presented at this point, as well as a series of exercises (individual or in groups) meant to train communicational skills.

In the Appendix a number of exercises for review are presented, as well as additional texts from the Gospel of John, that were not included in the main lessons. This section of the manual is designed for individual study. 

EFNL Book-1 is recommended for studying English language at gymnasium and high school level, as well as at English learning centers, English clubs in churches etc. It is to be mentioned that the use of EFNL Book-1 in learning English has been proved very effective by the multitude of students in Moldova and beyond its borders. 


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