Digital Technologies
The purpose of the faculty
Information Technologies can help greatly to spread the Gospel and reach a large audience and all ages.
The internet space gives us access to various information, which is useful. At the same time, they give us access to those that have a detrimental effect on us. IT Faculty will help you gain a proper understanding of how to use the Internet to spread the gospel, to teach the Word of God, and to expand ministry using online area. IT manuals are designed for both adults and children and are based on biblical text.
Conditions of studying
1 year
2 weeks of intensive study for each session
3 sessions per year
3 courses
After each session, the student will teach the course in a group.
Between sessions, the student will practice Bible study skills, completing an individual assignment.
The student motivates disciples to enrol in the Institute
Registration at the Institute
Member of the church
Pastor's recommendation
Application form
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