English for a New Life
The purpose of the faculty
Equipping English teachers for the process of evangelism and discipleship.
English is the most learned language in the world. It is in high demand today. By meeting the needs of society and teaching people English, we want them to understand their main need - salvation and faith in Christ. Therefore, we have developed manuals for different ages for learning English based on biblical texts, which makes it possible not only to learn the language, but also to learn God's Word.

The first manual is based on the Gospel of John and is for beginners. The second is based on the book of Acts and is for a more advanced level of English. The third manual is intended for children and includes an explanation of the Ten Commandments and other Bible stories.

The manuals cover all the aspects necessary for the development of reading, speaking and writing skills in English. Teacher training takes place in intensive sessions. Trained teachers will be able to use all our teaching materials in groups, clubs and camps.
Условия обучения
3 года
2 weeks of intensive study for each session
3 sessions per year 9 Bible courses
3 manuals
After each session, the student will teach the course in a group.
The student motivates disciples to enrol in the Institute
Registration at the Institute
Member of the church
Pastor's recommendation
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