Basic level
The purpose of the faculty
To equip and train leaders who know God and faithfully share His Word, understanding the value of discipleship and practical involvement in church life.
So few Christians understand the process and importance of discipleship, their role in society and in the church, and this is because they do not know God and are not taught to study the Scriptures in depth.

Studying at the Basic Level at Precept Institute will be a great finding for you. You will learn how to study the Bible individually. This will lead you to a real relationship with God that will transform your life. You will gain Bible teaching skills. Teaching the Word and through your personal example, you will help those around you know God, understand their calling, and learn how to impact others.
Conditions of studying
3 years
2 weeks of intensive study for each session
3 sessions per year
9 courses
After each session, the student will teach the course in a group.
Between sessions, the student will practice Bible study skills, completing an individual assignment.
The student motivates disciples to enrol in the Institute
The institute trained me personally and motivated me to plant a new church. It was also the instrument by which I prepared the church members to serve one another with their spiritual gifts and to pass on the Word of God to other people.
- Anton Timonishin, pastor of the Word of Life Church, Lutsk, Ukraine
Registration at the Institute
Member of the church
Pastor's recommendation
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